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John and Barb Heaton, $100 for Team Gershik

Thompson Tax, $100 for Jason Davis

Regan McGinnis, $25 for Shawna Briggs

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1 Novato High $16,562

2 San Marin $15,444

3 Sinaloa $12,134

4 San Ramon $10,026

5 Loma Verde $8,654

6 Pleasant Valley $6,129

7 Lu Sutton $5,803

8 Rancho $5,606

9 Hamilton $4,590

10 San Jose $4,031

11 Early Intervention $2,840

12 Good Shepherd $2,465

13 School Fuel $2,177

14 Olive $1,740

15 Lynwood $1,671

16 Marin Oaks $150

17 NOVA $140

18 Novato Charter $0

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1 Team Bicycle Brüstop $852


Welcome to the Tour of Novato and Community Fair, and West Marin Metric Century!

   The Tour of Novato and Community Fair and West Marin Metric Century are Novato-wide celebrations of our schools, and a fundraiser to support them.  This year's event was held on Saturday, May 3rd, in downtown Novato. Thank you to all of our riders, walkers, sponsors, donors, and volunteers who helped make the 2014 event the best one yet!  Mark your calendars now for next year's event, which will be held on Saturday, May 2, 2015

  The Tour of Novato website is now closed for donations, altough you can still make an online donation at School Fuel's website --  You can also still send in checks through the mail.

  As always, School Fuel works very hard to ensure that we keep the overhead of this event low so that more money makes it back to the classroom.  We will be posting the financial results for the 2014 event very soon. Click the link below to see an income and expense report for the 2013 event.


Family Ride