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2015 Tour of Novato

Saturday, May 2, Downtown Novato

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Welcome to the Tour of Novato and Community Fair, and West Marin Metric Century!

The Tour of Novato and Community Fair and West Marin Metric Century are Novato-wide celebrations of our schools, and a fundraiser to support them.  If you want to participate in a great organized ride that also has a significant impact on local education, then this is the ride for you! This year's event will be held on Saturday, May 2nd, in downtown Novato. This is an wonderful opportunity for a bike ride that is just the right size (100K, 40K, or 17K), or a 5K walk through our town.  The Community Fair on the town green is fun for all ages.

As always, School Fuel works very hard to ensure that we keep the overhead of this event low so that more money makes it back to the classroom. This family-centered cycling event invests 100% of its net proceeds in local classrooms. Click the link below to see an income and expense report for the 2014 event.

2014 Tour of Novato Financial Summary

Family Ride


The Tour Starts In

Participant Leaderboard

Carol Wise $1,030

Jeff Moore $600

Sue & Steve Pollock $525

Gloria & Dulce Hart $525

Dana Marshall $390

Julie Mund $300

Rafael Ruano $300

Andrew Treppa $285

Scott Warner $275

Karen McCormish $275

All Participants...

School Leaderboard

San Marin High $1,972

Good Shepherd $1,030

Novato High $1,002

San Ramon $535

Hamilton $475

Sinaloa $406

San Jose $390

Loma Verde $305

Lu Sutton $200

Rancho $90

Pleasant Valley $76

School Fuel $50

Lynwood $25

All Schools...

Team Leaderboard

Team Bicycle Brüstop $188

All Teams...